r Stephanie VilledrouinNamed for the river that runs through it and straight into the Caribbean Sea via one of the many, beautiful white sand beaches it is known to possess, the municipality of Cotes de Fer has been awarded an astounding investment, estimated at $230 million USD.

With less than 50,000 inhabitants, the city in the south-east department of Haiti is almost ideal for the tourism plans put forth for it by the government. The improvements, set to be completed in two years, encompass an airport construction, which will boast an airstrip measuring 2,400 meters, 1,000 hotel rooms for visiting tourists, a mall for their divestment of foreign exchange, and an 18-hole golf course for their enjoyment.

The project is a highlight of the study by the Integrated Regions of Tourist Development (RIAT) in Strategies of Program Development. The group took the idea out of its initial stages, after being developed by SODADE, and brought it to Felipe Ortiz, a Mexican specialist who develops tourist destinations, and his team who will carry out the project.

It is to the credit of the tourism minister, Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin, who initiated the carrying out of the initial studies that these changes will now be coming to the Cotes de Fur region. Though already gifted with exclusive hotels and resorts like the Coby Beach Resort and the Heritage Inn, the area’s biggest claim to tourism fame will no doubt come after the 2015 commencement of business at these planned, new destinations.